Finding out about 240p

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Growing up I knew some about video resolution. There was always talk about HDTV when I was young. Reading about HDTVs is where I learned about resolution. That and using computers is where I first learned about resolution. I knew about how TVs in the US had a 480i resolution. Interlacing I had grouped with scanlines. HDTVs I read about had progressive signals like 720p and later 1080p. 480p was the DVD resolution I first associated it with. Game Consoles later provided 480p. I didn’t get to truly experience 480p until I had an HDTV and at that time there where HD resolutions to take advantage of. I only knew of 480i resolutions for my old consoles. I had no idea that they output a 240p signal. Progressive signals I first experienced with HDTVs and my computer. Knowing that these old systems output a 240p signal it was great when I was able to display and upscale that progressive resolution.

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