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This is the first post. I thought I would write a little post about what I’m thinking about posting on this site. I plan to write about video games and sometimes movies and art. I’m thinking about sharing my journey in playing video games and focus on retro games. I still play everything so new games maybe talked about. I also hope to share stories I found around the web with you. Videos also are something I want to put together and share here. I hope an added benefit is a outlet to write.

Well the YouTube channel has begun and it is about time to get this off the ground. Twitter is the place I have been the most active. I will tweet out my posts from there. I also have a Facebook page where if I remember to post there I will. I also think that I can work out ideas here before I make them a video. Some ideas don’t need to be videos as well.

I know this first post will not be perfect and this site will be in a state of change but it is time to get this up and fill it with content.

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