Castlevania 31 years later – Nostalgic Pixel Episode 6

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Here is the sixth episode of Nostalgic Pixel. This is a look at Castlevania on the NES and Famicom Disk System. This is a look back 31 years later. I went back to this game after its 30th anniversary. I played this on the Famicom Disk System. Fun that it includes saves but scary to play and save of a 30 year old floppy disk.

This series I really enjoy covering and look forward to covering other Castlevania games again in another video. So many I didn’t get to.

I’m playing this on original hardware. The setup is an AV Famicom and Famicom Disk System. The AV Famicom with NESRGB mod is connected via RGB to the XRGB mini(Framemeister) to my capture card.



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