Super Mario Bros. 2 – Nostalgic Pixel Episode 4

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Here is the fourth episode of Nostalgic Pixel. This is a look at Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES. This is the follow up to Nintendo’s hit of a platformer. This episode is focused around the Super Mario Bros. 2 and the different versions released.

The Hype was real with Nintendo Power putting this game front and center. Where does Super Mario Bros.2 rank for you? Please leave a comment below.

I’m playing this on original hardware. The setup is a Nintendo AV Famicom with Tim Worthington’s RGB board, Famicom Disk System, Super Nintendo and Gamecube with Gameboy Player running Gameboy Interface to the XRGB mini(Framemeister) to my capture card. The NES and SNES use an RGBs SCART cable. and the Gamecube is using a Component cable.



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